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Defence Technology Made Easy

When you’re in Grade 9, you need to start thinking about what subjects you need for the career you intend to follow. If you have an interest in military and technology, Defence Technology Made Easy gives you a glimpse into the myriad of career opportunities in the South African Defence Force.
You will gain important insight into each of the different services, what jobs are available in each, which school subjects are required, and contact details.
This book also complements Denel’s educational programme which aims to improve learners’ maths and science.

- by Minah Sindane Bloem & Llewellyn Hartnick -

Black Man you are bigger than the problem

This book is also written for the UBUNTU people. You have what it takes to rise above the racist plot that want to keep you down. The melanin that you have is responsible for many positive things that you have, and it is not only responsible for your skin colour as you were taught in Biology.
Whoever calls himself or herself a leader/educator of the UBUNTU people (what we commonly call black masses), must not miss the opportunity to read these two books. The mistake that political organisations are doing today is to indoctrinate and feed masses with political party slogans, never to give them a chance to be mentally, morally and physically prepared to make meaningful contributions of transformation towards a new society.

- by Minah Sindane-Bloem Bloem -

Black man get off the white man's back

The book is written specifically for the UBUNTU people. Racism is alive and well but do not use it as an excuse for non-performance. Do not use it as a reason for failure because it is not. Be aware of it, acknowledge it and rise above it.

- by Minah Sindane Bloem