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3 Lessons Learnt From an Abusive Relationship

3 Lessons Learnt From an Abusive Relationship

The vow “till death do us part” became true for my late aunt (my mother’s sister). All I have ever seen between her and her husband […]

The COVID-19 Virus in lay Person’s Language

I had the honour of listening to a presentation on Covid-19 by a couple who are doctors. They have their own private practice in Pretoria and […]

Mathematics Should not be a Difficult Subject

Starting high school, my daughter continued to excel in Mathematics until the wheels came to a grind in Grade 9. I enrolled her with Master Maths […]

The State of our Education Going Forward

With so many things to read, one ends up not reading everything. I saw the headlines but never got to read the entire article. The headlines […]

Plan Cul Waterloo (5)

Fait l’amour parce que légende de manière la bouche de ce mode dans mes matchs sont plan cul bordeaux – – les yeux bleu. Je […]