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Goal setting that does not yield results

Empowering Africans to identify and change self-sabotaging behaviour Goal setting that does not yield results Of course 2020 has not been a splendid year for many […]

January 19,2021   Sizwe Masenya Structural Engineer & Director at Remako Consulting 0814157047   After the coaching sessions with Minah Sindane-Bloem I strongly believe everyone […]

Concordance means harmony. So, what is fake harmony? That is what we have been experiencing from the dawn of our South African democracy. I need not […]

Men are victims of Patriarchy

Violence labelled as Gender Based Violence (GBV) is taken for granted as males being violent to women. Not that the opposite does not happen but men […]

Children succeed when supported by their parents

My niece, Sandile Mahlangu, had his first solo flight on Tuesday 15 September 2020. I cannot hide that I am a proud aunt. When he was […]

Covid-19 in lay person’s language

I had the honour of listening to a presentation on Covid-19 by a couple who are doctors. They have their own private practice in Pretoria and […]