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Mathematics Should not be a Difficult Subject

Starting high school, my daughter continued to excel in Mathematics until the wheels came to a grind in Grade 9. I enrolled her with Master Maths […]
Work Problem that are created at home

Work Problems are mostly Created at Home

Work problems mostly develop from home challenges. Our home experiences have a way of influencing how we deal with colleagues at work. The best gift a […]
Race and Race Relations in Modern Society

Race and Race Relations in Modern Society

This is the title of a book I wrote and self-published in 2010. It was an attempt to conscientise my fellow Africans, ABANTU, to consider that […]

The State of our Education Going Forward

With so many things to read, one ends up not reading everything. I saw the headlines but never got to read the entire article. The headlines […]

Living a Spirit Filled Physical Experience

I have realised and have come to accept that I cannot only work with what I see with the naked (physical) eye. It makes my understanding […]

Making Africa Day your Daily Celebration

“South Africa will mark Africa Month and Africa Day in May 2020, along with the rest of the continent. The month is an opportunity to promote African unity, deeper regional integration and recommit Africa to a common […]