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Beyond the Physical

Whether you agree with me or not, there is a world beyond what our physical eyes can see. You ought to agree with me that there […]

Spiritual Relationship

My mentor used to say that there is more to life than what we see with our physical eyes. I used to nod but did not […]

Defining Your Own Success

Defining your own success   In the eight years that I have helped people create their own lives, I have come to appreciate that success is […]

What energy are you releasing?

What energy are you releasing? Over two years ago, I found myself in a waiting room with a gentleman that I did not know and still […]

Solidarity looks after its own, while ANC government lowers the bar

An artist’s impression of the Afrikaans-medium Sol-Tech University in Centurion that the union Solidarity is planning to build to advance the education of Afrikaners. /Twitter/Solidariteit My […]

Top careers in South Africa

This short article is not only for learners, but it is also for parents who are interested in the development of their children’s future careers. The […]